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Review: Deadlock – Bizarro World (2011)
June 14th, 2011 at 8:53am

Pop music is all relative. Pop music is considered the shenanigan of the mainstream music world; i.e. a gigantic blunder that few give any real credence to. What many fail to realize though, is that pop music is merely a direct focus on melody and hooks, with few other requirements to fall under it’s guise. Few metalheads will admit that some of the greatest singers and song writers of the last 100 years would fall under the moniker of “pop music,” because it flies in the face of their image of the spirited downtrodden outcasts of the music world. However, the great thing about metal (and perhaps it’s greatest irony), is that despite it’s continuous shunning of mainstream concepts by it’s audience, the musicians continue to be true artists, by adopting new ideas that might not otherwise be a part of the scene. This is what makes metal an ever-growing, progressive movement, and realistically, the longest lasting rock music scene that has never truly seen a downturn. Now, outsteps Germany’s Deadlock, and their latest album Bizarro World which combines Euro pop electronica, Gothenburg/American styled melo death, and the greatest aspect of the album and band, the marvelous pop vocals Sabine Scherer. This album has aggression and overall metal attitude, but make no mistake, this is a pop album at heart, and it’s brilliant.

There will be a segment, as always, that will shun Bizarro World out of sheer reaction, but this is an album that reaches far being the well-worn path of melo-death to achieve such creative, melodic songwriting, that it’s hard to imagine the scene existing before this. There will also be a segment of the population that refuses to acknowledges just how monumental this album is, and that’s fine, after all this is all a matter of taste, right? Well, there’s a part of me that cannot acknowledge how one can ignore the mind blowing capabilities of this band, that are literally throttling themselves so as to allow the sensibilities of the pop music to breathe, and not stifle it into yet another tech death album. Deadlock are a VERY accomplished, tight unit that doesn’t write good music by happenstance, but rather a pre-ordained brilliance, that if executed without a metallic shell, would be amongst the great albums of mainstream music, no doubt.

This, despite not being metal beyond it’s convenient shell, will never be an accepted tradition, until metal fans get over their tragic ignorance of pop music, and that’s fine, because it allows true music fans to bask in it’s greatness without having to trifle with ignorance. If you don’t like Bizarro World, that’s fine, but don’t like it on it’s merits (or lackthereof), not because of it’s style.


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1.     Virus Jones
2.     State Of Decay
3.     Falling Skywards
4.     Earthlings
5.     You Left Me Dead
6.     Brutal Romance
7.     Alienation
8.     Renegade
9.     Htrae
10.     Bizarro World
11.     Paranoia Extravaganza

Tobias Graf     Drums
Sebastian Reichl     Guitars, Keyboards
Johannes Prem     Vocals
Gert Rymen     Guitars
Sabine Scherer     Vocals
John Gahlert     Bass

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