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Review: Freedom Call – Legend of the Shadowking (2010)
June 7th, 2011 at 4:03pm

German power metal stalwarts Freedom Call are back with their 6th studio album, which in itself is a respectable feat, but the fact that Freedom Call have been very true to the traditional power metal sound all these years, is incredibly commendable. Despite the fact that Germany and other European nations are much more receptive to power metal bands still today than in North America, metaldom has still experienced a large change in it’s musical landscape with traditional metal in all it’s forms suffering in the process. Freedom Call are one of the few bands still breaking out melodic power metal with no shame, holding the banner high. How can you not get ay more “metal” than that? With that said, not only are Freedom Call still pumping out their tried and true brand of metal, but their latest album, Legend of the Shadowking is actually a worthy addition to their arsenal!

With highlights such as the outright power metal blazer “Out of the Ruins,” melodic AOR-inspired mainstream tune “Thunder God,” and the heavier side in “The Darkness” amongst many other solid tunes, there is no shame in enjoying power metal in the modern era of metal! Of course, those who doubt the legitimacy of power metal (which is more and more fans as the years go on I’m afraid) will take a giant steaming shit on this album as “80′s metal” with no other descriptors describing why exactly it is bad. Truth be told, there is nothing bold about Legend of the Shadowking, in fact it’s exactly what one would expect from the Freedom Call camp, but it’s still a solid slab of metal, taking advantage of good ole’ chunky guitar riffs that get the head banging, and melodies that will inevitably stick in your head. You don’t NEED progressive metal crossover appeal, and you don’t NEED gutteral vocals, or hip grooves to attract the kids. Freedom Call are still around because they have a strong base of fans that keep coming back for more, because they know they’ll be treated to something listenable, and I for one take pride that there is still reliable forms of metal out there that won’t change with the seasons amongst the fair weather metal crowd.

Germany still rocks hard, and I for one will keep spinning this lovely bitch for awhile.


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1.     Out of the Ruins
2.     Thunder God
3.     Tears of Babylon
4.     Merlin – Legend of the Past
5.     Resurrection Day
6.     Under the Spell of the Moon
7.     Dark Obsession
8.     The Darkness
9.     Remember!
10.     Ludwig II – Prologue
11.     The Shadowking
12.     Merlin – Requiem
13.     Kingdom of Madness
14.     A Perfect Day

Chris Bay     Vocals, Guitars
Lars Rettkowitz     Guitars
Samy Saemann     Bass
Dan Zimmermann     Drums


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