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Review: Wormrot – Dirge (2011)
June 3rd, 2011 at 12:35am

Wormrot‘s Dirge begins with “No One Gives a Shit” and ends with “The Final Insult.” Those tracks, and the 23 between them, make up some of the most punishing auditory abuse anyone could ever order up.

Clocking in at only 18 minutes, the Singaporean three piece’s second effort does much to live up to the hype machine that was their debut, 2009′s Abuse. And while it by no means eclipses the first record, Dirge serves as a validating reminder for why the Internet metal world became so intoxicated by Wormrot in the first place.

While Abuse opened the world’s eyes to Wormrot, it’s Dirge that will sustain the stare. Fueled by the same driving guitar and pummeling drums, songs come in one minute blasts of frustration, anger, and what one can only assume is merciless social commentary. The vocals alternate between shrieking that would fit right at home on any black metal album and guttural growls. The effect is one that sounds like the two voices are screaming back and forth at each other, when in fact they’re actually the same person. And that is the draw of Wormrot; the band sounds like they’re doing much more than their numbers indicate. With only one guitar and no bass, the riffs are fast, driving and memorable, and they’re accented by drumming that is not only hammering away at an unthinkable BPM for its blast beats, but can easily slide into any groove the guitar leads it through.

On Dirge, Wormrot correctly maintains this same winning formula. Never known as a genre that pushes its limits, Wormrot keeps its grindcore within that special sweet spot that is accented by the almost demo like buzz and hammer of the guitars and drums. The effect is one that stresses just how raw the grind really is.

Dirge probably won’t be the bait that lures in those that haven’t been initiated into grind yet, but it will absolutely tickle the blackened and warped musical brains of current grind aficionados.


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1. No One Gives a Shit
2. Compulsive Disposition
3. All Go No Emo
4. Public Display of Infection
5. Overpowered Violence
6. Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass
7. Spot a Pathetic
8. Evolved Into Nothing
9. Butt Krieg is Showing
10. Fucking Fierce So What
11. Ferocious Bombardment
12. Principle Of The Puppet Warfare
13. Deceased Occupation
14. Waste of Time
15. Stench of Ignorance
16. Meteor to the Face
17. Addicts of Misery
18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem
19. Erased Existence
20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted
21. Destruct the Bastards
22. Plunged Into Illusions
23. Manipulation
24. A Dead Issue
25. The Final Insult

Fit – Drums

Rasyid – Guitars

Arif – Vocals

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