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STREAMING: So Hideous, My Love… “To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers”
June 27th, 2011 at 4:06pm


So Hideous, My Love… may not have the best band name, but musically they’re the best post-insert-subgenre-here band since Arvo Pärt joined Burzum and the daring duo started covering Godspeed You! Black Emperor B-sides. Seriously, though Pärt hasn’t joined Varg in any capacity, but So Hideous, My Love… feels like the next step in whatever black metal-ish infused metal streams out of NYC.

With walls of shoegazy sound, throat-scraping vocals, an active rhythmic section, and an uplifting, if somewhat understated, orchestral bent, “To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers”, the fourth and final track on EP To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers, is probably the best new thing I’ve heard since Sweden’s Atoma (ex-Slumber) posted new demo material to their Myspace account.

Have a listen on a cloud in the heat of summer.

So Hideous, My Love – To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers by Decibel Magazine

** To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers is out now on Play The Assassin as a digital release and in a limited edition vinyl run of 250 copies. Order the digital here from Bandcamp or the vinyl (in snow white or blood red) here.

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