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UVTV 10 Year Anniversary Podcast Of Classic Music Videos Episode 1
January 16th, 2012 at 10:38am

UVTV started in early 2002 and was originally called “UMTV” (Underground Music Television), with the show/website being renamed to UVTV (Underground Video Television) in 2005. The show/website started  off featuring local band’s music videos and live videos filmed by UVTV. In 2003 live videos and music videos of national artists and labels were added into the mix.

We start off our 10 year anniversary celebration series of podcasts with an episode featuring the first video to ever play on UVTV along with some of the first music videos shown on the show.  Some of the bands featured include Thunderosa, Dogs On Mars, The Flashing Astonishers, Bully, and Hemorrhage.

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  1. bubba grubbz:

    what the hell? why aint i gittin paid for this shit? first video ever on yer site and not even a free 12pack? Congratulations son on 10 motherfuckin years……

  2. rich13:

    i love UVTV check the page everyday and find so many great bands from around the world for the very first time . UVTV is great i wish you guys were on cable tv . not those back stabbers MTV , VH1 , Fuse who got rich off of rock and metal and dropped it like a rock in a river soon as rap was the new fad . wish UVTV all the best and i have hopes for cabel channel in the future .

  3. hanonim:

    happy 10th anniversary

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