New Heavy Metal CD Releases: September 10 2013
September 10th, 2013 at 4:52am

New Metal ReleasesAltars - Paramnesia (Nuclear Winter)
Bobaflex - Charlatan’s Web (BFX)
Dark Design - Prey For The Future (Heaven and Hell)
Dave Martone / Glen Drover - Live At Metalworks (Magna Carta)
Death Ray Vision - We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ (Bullet Tooth)
Dissension - Of Time And Chronic Disease (Believe)
Ensnared - Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn EP (Nuclear Winter)
Fit For An Autopsy - Hellbound (Good Fight)
Gemini Syndrome - Lux (Warner Brothers)
Hollow Haze - Countdown To Revenge (Scarlet)
Human Improvement Process - Deafening Dissonant Millennium (Memorial)
Katatonia - Dethroned and Uncrowned (Kscope)
Lalu - Atomic Ark (Sensory)
Ministry - From Beer To Eternity (13th Planet)
Ranger - Knights Of Darkness (Ektro)
ReinXeed - A New World (Doolittle)
The Ruins Of Beverast - Blood Vaults… (Van)
Scythe - Subterranean Steel (Primitive Reaction)
Sinner - Touch of Sin II (AFM)
Siren’s Cry - Scattered Horizons (Nightmare)
Temple Nightside - Condemnation (Nuclear Winter)
Transient - Transient (Six Weeks)
Turbocharged - Area 666 (Chaos)

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