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Blut Aus Nord – Entire Split With P.H.O.B.O.S. Streaming Online
June 27th, 2014 at 9:45am

French black metallers <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=577&bandname=Blut+Aus+Nord>Blut Aus Nord</a> recently released their new split with <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=7073&bandname=P.H.O.B.O.S.>P.H.O.B.O.S.</a> via Debemur Morti Productions and if you still haven't listened to it, now it's your chance. The entire release, which includes three tracks from each band, is currently available to be enjoyed fully on the Soundcloud player below (courtesy of CVLT Nation). Why wait? Dive in! <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=23824>Read more…</a>
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