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DragonForce – Reveal New Drummer
June 3rd, 2014 at 12:45pm

Today in line-up changes: <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=248&bandname=DragonForce>DragonForce</a>. The band just announced that they have a new drummer, which means Dave Mackintosh has left the band. He will apparently pursue his love of prog rock. Also, former <b>Braindamage</b> and <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8159&bandname=Kill+Ritual>Kill Ritual</a> drummer Gee Anzalone has joined the band. A native of Turin, Italy, Gee is a drum teacher who graduated from the NAMM Academy of Milan. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=23641>Read more…</a>
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