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Hatebreed Frontman Jamey Jasta interviews Suicide Silence on ‘The Jasta Show’
August 28th, 2014 at 4:15pm

JastaHatebreed frontman and former MTV ‘Headbanger’s Ball’ host Jamey Jasta has a new weekly podcast, ‘The Jasta Show,’ where he interviews musicians, athletes and others. Recently, he sat down with members of Suicide Silence. Check out their chats below.

Jasta said in a statement, “With all the touring I have been doing globally, I have been running into so many amazing people. Now the opportunity has arisen to do this show and I am so excited. I am doing this because I have the desire to hear people’s stories and tell stories of my own.”

You can subscribe to ‘The Jasta Show’ on iTunes.

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