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New Heavy Metal Album Releases: January 7, 2014
January 7th, 2014 at 7:59am

New Metal ReleasesAltar of Betelgeuze - Darkness Sustains The Silence (Memento Mori)
Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul - Splatterhash Split EP (Tankcrimes)
Exhumed/Iron Reagan - Split EP (Tankcrimes)
Legion Of The Damned - Ravenous Plague (Napalm)
Michael Schenker - Bridge The Gap (Inakustic)
Nausea - Condemned To The System (Willowtip)
Nigromante - Black Magic Night (Shadow Kingdom)
Run After To - Run After To/Gjinn and Djinn Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Suffering In Solitude - A Place Apart (Domestic Genocide)

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