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New Heavy Metal Album Releases: June 17, 2014
June 17th, 2014 at 9:49am

Azooma - A Hymn of the Ancient Monster EP (Xtreem)
Barghest - The Virtuous Purge (Gilead)
Boris - Noise (Sargent House)
Doomsday Mourning - Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness (To The Point)
Feed The Rhino - The Sorrow and The Sound(Siege Of Amida)
Fiends At Feast / Tragic Death - Purgatory Rites Split (HPGD)
Finntroll - Natten Med De Levande Finntroll Live (Spinefarm)
Incubus - Incubus Re-Release (Vic)
Leather Chalice - Luna EP (Broken Limbs)
Lecherous Gaze - Zeta Reticuli Blues (Tee Pee)
Lullacry - Legacy 1998-2014 (Spinefarm)
Mefisto - The Megalomania Puzzle Re-Release (Vic)
Moab - Billow (Scion AV)
Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves (Forever Plagued)
Profetus - As All Seasons Die (Svart)
Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt (Alive Naturalsound)
Rippikoulu - Ulvaja (Svart)
Scare Don’t Fear - From The Ground Up (KBB)
Stars In Stereo - Leave Your Mark (Hundred Handed)
Taatsi - Season of Sacrifice (Forever Plagued)
Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen - One Hundred Year Storm (Pesanta Urfolk)
Under The Church - Under The Church (Pulverised)
Vassafor / Sinistrous Diabolus - Split (Iron Bonehead)
Venowl - Patterns Of Failure Re-Release (Broken Limbs)
Wo Fat - The Conjuring (Small Stone)
Youth In Revolt - Love Is A Liars Game (Outerloop)

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