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Review: Buzz Osborne — This Machine Kills Artists
May 28th, 2014 at 9:15am

Melvins mastermind Buzz Osborne says he has “no interest in sounding like a crappy version of James Taylor or a half-assed version of Woody Guthrie,” on his acoustic solo debut. Sure enough, This Machine Kills Artists is neither crappy nor half-assed, though the title does reference the famous words Guthrie painted on his guitar in 1943: “This Machine Kills Fascists.” Across 17 tracks with titles like “Dark Brown Teeth,” “The Blithering Idiot,” and “Drunken Baby,” Osborne delivers concise down-tuned ditties full of booming vocal melodies and bizarro humor. Does it sound like Melvins unplugged, minus drums? Yes. Is that disappointing? Fuck no. J. BENNETT

Check out “Instrument of God” from This Machine Kills Artists.

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