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Review: October File — The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair…
May 29th, 2014 at 9:08am

In 2014, it’s hard to find many bands championing industrial metal, but October File are defending the faith. On their verbosely titled seventh album (which also includes the subtitle: An Introspective of Human Condition), the British post-punks go full bore, creating a driving, mechanized assault of fuzzy guitars and scathing emotional lyrics. At times, the continuous medium pace of the tracks can be a little monotonous, but the catchiness of the riffs on songs like “I Fuck the Day” and “The Water” makes each song interesting, even if it blurs into the one before or after it. Fans of Godflesh and Killing Joke should make it a point to pick this up. CHRIS KROVATIN


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