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Watain Offends TMZ, Hipsters and Everyone at Animal Blood-Splattered Brooklyn Show – Video
June 17th, 2014 at 5:15pm

Watain-FB-38Sometimes the mainstream doesn’t get metal. In this case, Swedish black metal band Watain has made headlines at celebrity gossip blog website, TMZ, for dumping animal blood onto fans at their Brooklyn, New York show that took place this past Sunday. Here is what they wrote:

Watain–whose members are devout devil worshipers — played their only U.S. summer gig Sunday night in Brooklyn … and they were true to form.

You see the lead singer present the audience with a goat skull full of animal blood … then drench the crowd.  According to interviews with the band, they use REAL pig’s blood.

You hear audience members shriek … and we’re told some barfed and cried.

Shockingly … cops say no one complained.  And no one has heard a peep from the health dept.

However–this is, well, normal for Watain. Their live “rituals” have gained quite the international reputation considering they always contain lots of blood, fire and dead animals–so you know what you’re getting into. Since the Revolver staff was in attendance at the gig, we can assure you the barfing and putrid smell definitely happened.

Here is the video TMZ posted:

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