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New Heavy Metal Album Releases: April 21, 2015
April 21st, 2015 at 7:51am

New Metal ReleasesAbiotic – Casuistry (Metal Blade)
Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart)
Aelter – Aelter IV: Love Eternal (Pesanta Urfolk)
Alesana – Confessions (Revival)
Antiversum – Total Vacuum (Invictus)
Apocalyptica – Shadowmaker (Better Noise / Eleven Seven)
The Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron (Tee Pee)
Banda de la Muerte – 8894 (DHG)
The Beautiful Ones – Jaded Love (6131)
Biopsy – Fractals Of Derangement (Transcending Obscurity)
Black Witchery / Revenge – Holocaustic Death March To Humanity’s Doom Split EP (Nuclear War Now!)
Bleak / Sovereign – Split EP (Blasphemour)
Blizzen – Time Machine (High Roller)
Bloid – Rise To Ruination (Aural)
Chaos Echoes – Transient (Nuclear War Now!)
Continuum – The Hypothesis (Unique Leader)
Crimson Sky – Transcendental Trip (Metal Scrap)
Damian Murdoch Trio – Electric Tentacles Re-Release (Prosthetic)
Danko Jones – Fire Music (Bad Taste / MRI)
Deathwish – Out For Blood (Beer City)
Deez Nuts – Word Is Bond (Century Media)
Dienamic – Afterlife (Aural)
Dormant Inferno / Dionysus – Beyond Forgotten Shores (Transcending Obscurity)
Entropy O.A.C.- Dark Clouds and Clarity (Pavement)
Falconer – Falconer Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Fall To June – Fall To June (MRI)
False Pregnancy – Dance Your Meat Off (Nailjar)
FM – Heroes and Villains (Frontiers)
Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love (Agonia)
Giftgiver – S–tlife (Century Media)
Gruesome – Savage Land (Relapse)
Hardcore Superstar – HCSS (MRI)
Havenless – The Crimson Lines (Aural)
Horsehunter – Caged In Flesh (Magnetic Eye)
Impellitteri – Venom (Frontiers)
Implode – A Syndicate: I, Tension Chapter IV EP (Cramada)
Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species (Comatose)
Infernal War – Axiom (Agonia)
Kiske/Sommerville – City of Heroes (Frontiers)
Kult of Taurus – Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence (Forever Plagued)
Mare Infinitum – Alien Monolith (Solitude)
Mirror Queen – Scaffolds Of The Sky (Tee Pee)
Native Construct – Quiet World (Metal Blade)
Nocternity – Harps Of The Ancient Temples (Iron Bonehead)
Oblivious – Out of Wilderness (Gaphals)
Olten – Mode (Hummus/Division)
Percussor – Proclamation Of Hate (HPGD)
Points North – Points North (Magna Carta)
Polyphia – Muse Re-Release (Headphone)
The Prestige – Amer (Imminence)
Pyrexia – Sermon of Mockery Re-Release (Century Media)
Romeo’s Daughter – Spin (RD)
Shattered Sun – Hope Within Hatred (Victory)
Shining – IX: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends (Season of Mist)
Starkweather – Crossbearer / Into the Wire Re-Release (Translation Loss)
The Tangent – A Spark In The Aether (Inside Out)
Tribulation – The Children Of The Night (Century Media)
While She Sleeps – Brainwashed (Razor & Tie)
Zombi – The Zombi Anthology (Relapse)

Aerosmith To Launch ‘Blue Army’ Tour In June
April 15th, 2015 at 8:37am


Following their 2014 “Let Rock Rule” tour, Massschusetts rock legends AEROSMITH will return to the road June 13 with their “Blue Army” tour. The trek will take the band’s all original members — Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford — to 15 cities before concluding in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday, August 4.

Says Joe Perry: “The name ‘Blue Army’ came from the fact that ‘everyone’ in our audience from the ’70s were wearing blue denim and it looked like a sea of blue, thus the Blue Army.”

Immediately following the tour, AEROSMITH will perform on Friday, August 7 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame‘s first-ever Concert For Legends. The concert — part of the 2015 Pro Football Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Festival — will pay tribute to the legends of the game on the eve of the Enshrinement for the Class of 2015.

On the “Blue Army” tour, AEROSMITH will perform a set including their career-defining biggest hits, many of which are highlighted of their upcoming “Aerosmith Rocks Donington” 2014 DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment). Captured live at Donington Park in Leicestershire, U.K. in June 2014 as part of the band’s “Let Rock Rule” definitive rock and roll experience, the DVD features 19 of the band’s most iconic hits, including “Love In A Elevator”, “Janie’s Got A Gun”, “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, “Dude Looks Like A Lady”, “Walk This Way”, “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion” and many more.

AEROSMITH‘s 2015 summer tour dates:

Jun. 13 – Glendale, AZ – Gila River Arena
Jun. 24 – Evansville, IN – The Ford Center
Jun. 27 – Durant, OK – Choctaw Casino Event Center
Jun. 30 – Hidalgo, TX – State Farm Arena
Jul. 03 – Stateline, NV – Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys
Jul. 07 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl
Jul. 10 – Salinas, CA – Salinas Sports Complex
Jul. 13 – Kelowna, BC – Prospera Place
Jul. 16 – Victoria, BC – Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre
Jul. 19 – Fort McMurray, AB – Shell Place at MacDonald Park
Jul. 22 – Cheyenne, WY – Cheyenne Frontier Days
Jul. 25 – Minot, ND – North Dakota State Fair
Jul. 28 – Ridgefield, WA – Amphitheater Northwest
Aug. 01 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
Aug. 04 – Grand Rapids, MI – Van Andel Arena
Aug. 07 – Canton, OH – Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Heavy Metal Album Reviews: Week of April 14, 2015
April 15th, 2015 at 8:32am

The ratings are on a 5 star scale.

Abyss - ‘Heretical Anatomy’ - 20 Buck Spin Records

Abyss – ‘Heretical Anatomy’. 20 Buck Spin Records

Abyss – ‘Heretical Anatomy’ (20 Buck Spin)

Genre: Death Metal
It’s difficult to be floored by a contemporary metal album, especially if you listen to metal on a daily basis, butAbyss invoke that feeling with their astounding debut. For twenty unnerving minutes, the group annihilates their peers with an equal distribution of crusty death metal and cruel grind.

The opening title track forces its heartless intentions on the listener, and the remaining seven tracks build upon that. Steamrolling riffs and shredding leads are commonplace, though something like the doom-y stature of “Thrall of the Elder Gods” can come along to mess with those standards. Heretical Anatomy is a top-tier record that doesn’t compromise on its barbaric nature.

Rating: 4.5
(Dan Marsicano)

Annisokay – ‘Enigmatic Smile’ - SPV Records

Annisokay – ‘Enigmatic Smile’. SPV Records

Annisokay – ‘Enigmatic Smile’ (SPV)

Genre: Metalcore/Alternative Metal
Unabashedly injecting full doses of beta into their metalcore stylings, German quintet Annisokay are back with album numero dos in Enigmatic Smile, an enjoyably airy vacation into clean vocal-meets-breakdown paradise, a realm with electro hugs, long bangs, and plenty of harmless posturing.

Only a few cans short of a six-pack,Enigmatic Smile remains a helplessly melodic and well-produced album, traits that inescapably make this better than it probably should be. The melodrama comes off in stink waves, and the clean vocals are often embarrassingly obnoxious, but the riffs are there, so are the impressive hooks. If this band looked a little closer at how Bring Me the Horizon handles this emo-aggro sound, they may just end up finding some lead in their pencils.

Rating: 3
(Evan Mugford)

At the Dawn – ‘Land In Sight’ - Bakerteam Records

At the Dawn – ‘Land In Sight’. Bakerteam Records

At the Dawn – ‘Land In Sight’ (Bakerteam)

Genre: Power Metal
Formed out of the ashes of death metal band Conspiracy, At the Dawn are the polar opposites as their focus is on grandiose melodies and a mix of power and progressive metal. Their sophomore release Land In Sight picks up where their debut left off with an enhancement on adding symphonic elements.

Lead guitar play Michele Viaggi shreds, as his neoclassical style is a blend of John Petrucci and Yngwie Mamlsteen. He is the clear highlight since his playing is magnificent and fits the progressive elements perfectly. Vocalist Stefano de Marco possesses a wide range but thankfully keeps his register in the mid range and never sings outside his reach.

Rating: 3.5
(Dan Drago)

Eden's Curse - 'Live With The Curse' - AFM Records

Eden’s Curse – ‘Live With The Curse’. AFM Records

Eden’s Curse – ‘Live With The Curse’ (AFM)

Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
After four studio albums, the British bandEden’s Curse are releasing their first live album, Live With The Curse. It was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland. There’s plenty of material on the album, with 20 songs clocking in at around 100 minutes.

Vocalist Nikola Mijić, whose first record with Eden’s Curse was 2013’s Symphony Of Sin, also does a nice job with the band’s earlier material that he did not originally sing. It’s an energetic performance all around, with tight musicianship, good backing vocals and an appreciative crowd. It’s ironic that a band formed as solely a studio project has turned into a first-rate live act.

Rating: 3.5
(Chad Bowar)

Gallows – ‘Desolation Sounds’ - Bridge 9 Records

Gallows – ‘Desolation Sounds’. Bridge 9 Records

Gallows – ‘Desolation Sounds’ (Bridge 9)

Genre: Post Hardcore
Mosh pit darlings Gallows have delivered yet another stereo punisher withDesolation Sounds. Flowing between anthem style hardcore and melodic driven sing-along, the album is a strong statement by a band that chooses no conformity.

Each song delivers its own masterful composition, exposing what this band does best. Darlings of the underground, Gallows deserve your attention, and Desolation Sounds is an outstanding record to begin that discovery if you’ve never checked out the band.

Rating: 4
(Edward Banchs)

Jaded Star - 'Memories From The Future' - Sensory Records

Jaded Star – ‘Memories From The Future’. Sensory Records

Jaded Star – ‘Memories From The Future’ (Sensory)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Jaded Star are a new Greek band with some veteran members. They are fronted by ex-Visions Of Atlantis vocalist Maxi Nil and other members have been in groups such as Iced Earth and Wardrum.

Their debut album Memories From The Future is a diverse effort with influences of traditional metal, power metal and hard rock. Nil has a great voice, and she’s able to sing with both power and restraint. The songs are very catchy, both in melody and riffage. There’s also plenty of atmosphere that adds depth and texture to the songs.

Rating: 3.5
(Chad Bowar)

Lancer - 'Second Storm' - Despotz Records

Lancer – ‘Second Storm’. Despotz Records

Lancer – ‘Second Storm’ (Despotz)

Genre: Power Metal
As you can probably guess from the title,Second Storm is the second album from the Swedish power metal band Lancer.They are a young band who are influenced by classic groups like Iron Maiden and Helloween. Influences of more modern bands like DragonForce can also be heard.

The songs are very melodic and packed with hooks, but also have ample aggression. Isak Stenvall is an excellent vocalist with a lot of power and range. The guitar work on the album is top-notch, with a lot of great solos and memorable riffs. There’s even a bass solo or two. While somewhat derivative, it’s a well-played and enjoyable power metal album.

Rating: 3.5
(Chad Bowar)

Magic Kingdom – ‘Savage Requiem’ - AFM Records

Magic Kingdom – ‘Savage Requiem’. AFM Records

Magic Kingdom – ‘Savage Requiem’ (AFM)

Genre: Power Metal
Formed in 1999, symphonic power metal band Magic Kingdom are prepared to release their fourth album Savage Requiem. It is also their third different lead vocalist as ex-Adagio singer Christian Palin now takes over vocal duties. Magic Kingdom were formed by guitarist Dushan Petrossi, who also handles primary songwriting duty in fellow power metal outfit Iron Mask.

Where Iron Mask have hard rock tendencies, Magic Kingdom are pure power metal. The album’s tempo is at warp speed as the song structures are built around blazing double bass, excellent musicianship and grandiose melodies. Palin has tremendous range and showcases his voice throughout.

Rating: 3.5
(Dan Drago)

Michael Angelo Batio 'Shred Force 1: The Essential MAB' - Rat Pak Records

Michael Angelo Batio ‘Shred Force 1: The Essential MAB’. Rat Pak Records

Michael Angelo Batio ‘Shred Force 1: The Essential MAB’ (Rat Pak)

Genre: Neoclassical Metal/Hard Rock
You may have seen him and his distinctive double guitar performing on a recent episode of That Metal Show, and now shredder extraordinaire Michael Angelo Batio is unleashing the career retrospective Shred Force 1: The Essential MAB.

Along with instrumentals featuring his guitar wizardry, Batio brings aboard some guest vocalists. Queenryche’s Todd LaTorre sings on the Rush cover “What You’re Doing” and Deep Purple’s “Burn.” Batio pays tribute to some other guitar gods such as Eric Clapton (“Slowhand”), Randy Rhodes (“RRR”) and Dimebag Darrell (“Diamond”). There are tons of other guest appearances as well, such as Chris Poland, Mark Tremonti, Rudy Sarzo, Michael Wilton, Jeff Loomis, George Lynch and more.

Rating: 4
(Chad Bowar)

Outre - ‘Ghost Chants’ - Third Eye Temple

Outre – ‘Ghost Chants’. Third Eye Temple

Outre – ‘Ghost Chants’ (Third Eye Temple)

Genre: Black Metal
Sharp brutality and haunting melodies run through the black metal on Outre’s first album Ghost Chants. When the two aspects mingle, like on the gripping finale “Arrival,” the band sees the best results. That track also has one of the fastest parts on the whole album, as the song hits a buzzing pace that it doesn’t come out of.

Stellar drum work throughout gives the proceedings a charge helped by songwriting that is more than just static strumming. Divided into seven “chants,” the spirits of the genre, both past and present, have a strong hold on this effort.

Rating: 3.5
(Dan Marsicano)

New Heavy Metal Album Releases: April 14, 2015
April 15th, 2015 at 8:28am

New Metal ReleasesAbyss – Heretical Anatomy(20 Buck Spin)
Akhlys – The Dreaming I(Debemur Morti)
Anchor – Distance & Devotion(Gaphals)

Enigmatic Smile (Long Branch / SPV)
At The Dawn – Land In Sight (Bakerteam)
Bladecatcher – Obverse EP (EEE)
Bosse-De-Nage – All Fours (Profound Lore)
Dance Gavin Dance – Instant Gratification (Rise)
Eden’s Curse – Live With The Curse (AFM)
Embrace of Thorns – Darkness Inpenetrable (Nuclear War Now!)
Enablers – The Rightful Pivot (Exile On Mainstream)
Gallows – Desolation Sounds (Bridge Nine)
Halestorm – Into The Wild Life (Atlantic)
Helfir – Still Bleeding (My Kingdom)
Infernus – Grinding Christian Flesh (Moribund)
Jaded Star – Memories From the Future (Sensory)
Lancer – Second Storm (Despotz)
Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem (AFM)
Manegarm – Nordstjarnans Tidsalder Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Michael Angelo Batio – Shred Force 1 (Rat Pak)
Murdock – Dead Lung (Basick)
Now and On Earth – Blacked Out (Epitaph)
Omrade – Edari (My Kingdom)
Outre – Ghost Chants (Godz ov War)
Plage – Den Kristne Stank (Alusia)
Pohjoinen – Pohjoinen (Inverse)
Rongeur – The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive Demos (Disiplin)
Sacred Blood

Argonautica (Pitch Black)
Silent Lie – Layers Of Nothing (Bakerteam)
Sinners Moon – Atlantis (Inverse)
Starsick System – Daydreamin’ (Bakerteam)
Stearica – Fertile (Monotreme)
Strong Addiction – Anesthesia (Inverse)
Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere (Van/Imperium)
Upsilon Acrux – Sun Square Dialect (New Atlantis)
Various Artists – Rock ‘n Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip: Volume 1 (Eonian)
Veld – Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian (Lacerated Enemy)
Velvet Six – Demons Los Divas (Inverse)
Vermord – Dawn Of The Black Harvest (Grimoire)
Wende – Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft (Moribund)
Wolfpakk – Rise Of The Animal (AFM)
Wovoka – Saros (Battleground)

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