About UVTV (Underground Video Television)

About UVTV

Underground Video Television features music videos, live videos, concerts and interviews of heavy metal, hardcore, and hard rock artists. The video podcast is available on iTunes & this website.

We’re the #1 metal video podcast on iTunes!

All live videos are filmed, edited and produced by UVTV (unless otherwise noted in the video credits). All music videos are submitted to UVTV for promotional purposes by video promotion companies, record labels, the original artists, directors, or an authorized party acting on behalf of the artist.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact UVTV anytime with your questions, feedback, requests, or for general information.

email: contact[at]uvtv[dot]com

Video Submissions

Get all the info you need on how to submit a video to UVTV for the weekly podcast & website right here.

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UVTV is represented by Fixion Media.

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