Call Me No One Performs For The First Time

CALL ME NO ONE, the new project featuring SEVENDUST drummerMorgan Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery, made its live debut this at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana as the support act for NONPOINT.

One thought on “Call Me No One Performs For The First Time”

  1. feck99June 29, 2010 I know I’m in the minority here I love Sevendust, and have for many years. This is their most dianspointipg release yet. Not one song grabs me like so many of their classics. The riffs are sledgehammer boring, with no good choruses. I’d be surprised if they break one hit off this one. It pains me to write this, for I really wanted to love this CD. It all sounds like one long, boring song all mashed together, and produced like every other crappy band on the radio today.I look forward to their next try though. I’m keeping the faith.

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