Fierce Allegiance | ‘No Way Out’

“No Way Out” is the new video from the Washington, D.C.’s FIERCE ALLEGIANCE. Directed by Kenny Kelley (DARKEST HOUR, Vans Warped Tour, Adrenaline Crew), the clip combines performance footage and extreme motorcycle stunts by internationally renowned stunt team Adrenaline Crew. Motorcycle stunts “wheelies,” “chainsaws,” and “endos” are presented in a live performance setting. The music video shoot was dangerous due to near-miss collisions with the band. Vocalist Ben Allegiance states, “We were amazed how close the motorcycles were during our performed. We approached Adrenaline Crew with an old-school concept inspired by MOTÖRHEAD and JUDAS PRIEST videos. Metal and the extreme sports motorcycle life style are a perfect mix.”

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