Lizzy Borden | ‘Under Your Skin’

Here is LIZZY BORDEN‘s new music video for the song “Under Your Skin” (Video stream may not be available to some non-U.S. residents.) The video will be aired on MTV2‘s “Headbangers Ball” on Saturday, March 28.

Commented LIZZY BORDEN vocalist/namesake: “After our last video, ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, was nominated for video of the year on MTV‘s ‘Headbangers Ball’, we thought we had to step up the visuals big time on our next one.

“For the ‘Under Your Skin’ video, we knew we wanted a storyline that mirrored the lyrics to the song. I wrote ‘Skin’ about the teenage phenomenon that is happening to one out of every two hundred teenage (mostly girls). That phenomenon is called cutting.

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