New Heavy Metal Album Releases: April 28, 2015

New Metal ReleasesAges – Malefic Miasma (Black Lodge)
Airstream – Kingdom of Isolation (Metalville)
Austerymn – Sepulcrum Viventium (Memento Mori)
Axel Rudi Pell – Magic Moments: The 25th Anniversary Concert DVD/CD (SPV)
Band Of Spice – Economic Dancers (Scarlet)
Bell Witch – Four Phantoms (Profound Lore)
Blackwelder – Survival Of The Fittest (Goldencore)
Carbonized – For The Security Re-Release (Vic)
Celtachor – Nuada Of the Silver Arm (Trollzorn)
Dark Quarterer – Ithaca (Metal On Metal)
Demonical – Black Flesh Redemption EP (Agonia)
Disrupted – Morbid Death (Memento Mori)
DSG – Still a Warrior (Pure Steel)
Emerged – Letting Go Of Certainties (Vic)
Freedom Call – Eternity Re-Release (SPV)
Furor Gallico – Furor Gallico Re-Release (Scarlet)
Godsized – Heavy Lies The Crown (Metalville)
Gost – Behemoth (Blood)
Implode – I Of Everything (Cramada)
JPT Scare Band – Acid Acetate Excursion/Rape Of The Titan’s Sirens (Ripple)
Klone – Here Comes The Sun (Pelagic)
Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination (ATMF)
A Life Divided – Human (AFM)
Lustre – Blossom (Nordvis)
Monolord – Vaenir (Riding Easy)
Mordenial – Where The Angels Fall (Vic)
Nightrage – The Puritan (Despotz)
Noise-A-Tron – Vast Arcane (Bleeding Light)
Norot – Nathrach (Naturmacht)
Paganland – Fatherland (Svarga)
Raven – ExtermiNation (SPV)
The Resistance – Torture Tactics (EarMusic)
Risen Prophecy – Into The Valley Of Hinnom (Metal On Metal)
Seagrave – Stabwound (Art Of Propaganda)
A Secret Revealed – The Bleakness (Bastardized)
Secret Sphere – A Time Never Come Re-Recorded (Scarlet)
Stonegriff – Come Taste The Blood (Metal On Metal)
Throes – Disassociation (Rain Without End)
Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine (Nuclear Blast)
Vardan – Despicable Broken Hope (Moribund)
Voice Of Ruin – Consumed EP (Tenacity)
Whorion – The Reign Of The 7th Sector (Inverse)