New Heavy Metal Album Releases: April 7, 2015

New Metal ReleasesAcid Witch – Midnight MoviesEP (Hells Headbangers)
Agnostic Front – The American Dream Died(Nuclear Blast)
Alunah – Call Of Avernus

Re-Release (PRC)
Anathema – Fine Days: 1999-2004 (Music For Nations)
Apophys – Prime Incursion (Metal Blade)
At The Gates / Voivod – Split EP (Century Media)
Byzantine – To Release Is To Resolve (CEN)
The Crotals – Fuel! Flames! Blast! (Tenacity)
Deletere – De Ritibus Morbiferis: Demo Collection (Sepulchral)
Deletere – Les Heures de la Peste (Sepulchral)
Dryom – Dryom 2 (Solitude)
Enforcer – From Beyond (Nuclear Blast)
Eohum – Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch (Mycelium)
Ether – Hymns of Failure (Sepulchral)
Exhumation – Opus Death (Dunkelheit)
Foehammer – Foehammer EP (Grimoire/Australopithecus)
Gorguts – From Wisdom To Hate Re-Release (Century Media)
Gorguts – Obscura Re-Release (Century Media)
Heidevolk – Velua (Napalm)
Ill Omen – Compendium Melificarum: Esoterica (Nuclear War Now!)
Incantation – Entrantment of Evil EP Re-Release (Hells Headbangers)
Impalers – Prepare For War EP (Evil Eye)
Kehlvin / Fleshworld – To Deny Everything That’s Mundane Split (Division)
Khors – Cold Re-Release (Svarga)
Korgul The

Exterminator and Akerbeltz – War & Hell Split (Hammerheart)
Lay Siege – Hopeisnowhere (Lifeforce)
Macerie – Macerie EP (Sentient Ruin)
Malthusian – Below The Hengiform (Invictus)
Mammoth Mammoth – Volume IV: Hammered Again (Napalm)
Marriages – Salome (Sargent House)
Minsk – The Crash & The Draw (Relapse)
Morgoth – Ungod (Century Media)
NY in 64 – NY64 (Magic Bullet)
Oshiego – Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat (HPGD)
Psychomancer – Inject The Worms (Orchestrated Misery)
Reincarnation – Void + Seed Of Hate (Xtreem)
Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors (Relapse)
Sabaton – Heroes Deluxe Edition Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter (Hells Headbangers)
Saturnalia Temple – To The Other (The Ajna Offensive)
Shrine Of The Serpent – Shrine Of The Serpent (Materia Prima)
Shroud Eater – Face The Master (Primitive Violence)
Six For Nine – Six For Nine (No Regrets)
Skyforger – Senprusija (Thunderforge)
Soilwork – Live In The Heart of Helsinki DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
Steve Vai – Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A. CD/DVD (Legacy)
Sworn In – The Lovers/The Devil (Razor & Tie)
Treedeon – Lowest Level Reincarnation (Exile On Mainstream)
Vasomortus – Instrument Torture of Pyramid (Brute)
White Hills – Walks For Motorists (Thrill Jockey)
YDI – A Place In The Sun/Black Dust (Southern Lord)