New Heavy Metal Album Releases: December 2, 2014

New Metal ReleasesThe Amsterdam Red Light District – Gone For A While(Red Light)
Axenstar – Where Dreams Are Forgotten (Inner Wound)
Bhleg – Draumr Ast (Nordvis)
Black Fate – Between Visions & Lies (Ulterium)
Bloodbound – Stormborn(AFM)
Bog Oak – A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife (Svart)
Bombnation – Night Invasion (PRC)
Cadaveric Fumes/Demonic Oath – Entwined In Sepulchral Darkness Split EP (Iron Bonehead)
Clorange – Instinct (PRC)
Corrections House – Writing History In Advance (War Crime)
Donnie Vie – The White Album (Cargo)
Eye of Solitude – Dear Insanity EP (Kaotoxin)
Famishgod – Devourers of Light (Xtreem)
Fortress – Undo The Nothing (Unholy Anarchy)
Harmony – Theatre of Redemption (Ulterium)
Hybrid Sheep – Free From The Clutches of Gods (Tenacity)
Ice Dragon – Dream Dragon (PRC)
Johnny Wore Black – Walking Underwater Pt. 2 (Dead Cherry)
Lotus Thief – Rervm (Svart)
Mors Principium Est – Dawn of the 5th Era (AFM)
Mothra – Desecrated Thoughts (Vic)
My Shameful – Hollow (Moscow Funeral League)
Neonfly – Strangers In Paradise (Inner Wound)
Nightglow – Orpheus (Bakerteam)
Obscurity – Vintar (Trollzorn)
Osada Vida – The After Effect (Metal Mind)
Reasons Behind – The Alpha Memory (Maple Metal)
Resumed – Alinations (Bakerteam)
Samael – Solar Soul Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Scapes – One:Unseen:One (Nihil Ultra)
Sinister – Afterburner Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Sinister – Aggressive Measures Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Skelethal – Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity EP (Iron Bonehead)
Starbynary – Dark Passenger (Bakerteam)
Striver – Apocalypse Nightmare (PRC)
Triosphere – The Heart of the Matter (AFM)
Voivod – Infini Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Voivod – Katorz Re-Release (Metal Mind)
White Arms of Athena – White Arms of Athena (Prosthetic)