New Heavy Metal Album Releases: January 13, 2015

New Metal Releases6:33 – Deadly Scenes(Kaotoxin)
Benediction – Grind BastardRe-Release (Metal Mind)
Benediction – Killing MusicRe-Release (Metal Mind)
Benediction – Organised Chaos Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Benediction – Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Benediction – Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Candlemass – Candlemass Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Candlemass – Lucifer Rising Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Clawfinger – Life Will Kill You Re-Release (Metal Mind)
Convent Guilt – Guns For Hire (Shadow Kingdom)
The Crown – Death Is Not Dead (Century Media)
Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld (Dark Descent)
Doomraiser – Reverse (Passaggio Inverso) (BloodRock)
Einherjer – Av Oss, For Oss (Indie)
Exlibris – Aftereal (Metal Mind)
The German Panzer – Send Them All To Hell (Nuclear Blast)
Ghoulgotha – The Deathmass Cloak (Dark Descent)
Hateful Abandon – Liars/Bastards (Candlelight)
Infernal Manes – Infernal Manes (Edged Circle)
Karma To Burn – Arch Stanton (FABA)
The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Soulless Hymns (Density)
Manilla Road – Out of the Abyss Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Nailgun Massacre – Boned, Boxed and Buried (Xtreem)
Opul – Levels EP (Nefarious Industries)
Pain of Salvation – Falling Home (Inside Out)
Palisades – Mind Games (Rise)
Shredhead – Death Is Righteous (Mighty)
Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Nuclear Blast)
Synodik – A Matter Of Perception (Imminence)
Volahn – Aq’ab’al (Iron Bonehead / The Ajna Offensive)
Witchrider – Unmountable Stairs (Fuzzorama)