New Heavy Metal Album Releases: March 17, 2015

The Answer – Raise A Little Hell (Napalm)
Ashes Of Moon – The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping (Aural)
Attack Vertical – The Great Waste(Tenacity)
Bad Guys – Bad Guynaecology (Riot Season)
Beautality – Einfalen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph

Bulldozing Bastard – Under The Ram (High Roller)
Crimson Swan – Unlit (Quality Steel)
Crom Dubh – Heimweh (Van)
Darke Complex – Widow EP (Spinefarm)
Dirty Fingers – 250 Dollars (Illogic)
Dissident Clone – State Of Dysphoria EP (Tridroid)
Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega (Peaceville)
Drakkar – Run With The Wolf (My Kingdom)
Dynfari – Vegfero Timans (Code 666)
Father Murphy – Croce (The Flenser)
Flummox – Phlummoxygen (Tridroid)
Ghost Bath – Moonlover (Northern Silence)
Horizont – Break the Limit (Rise Above)
Ideogram – Life Mimics Theatre (Aural)
Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament (Floga)
Macabre Omen – Gods Of War: At War (Van)
Moonspell – Extinct (Napalm)
Negative Self – Negative Self (High Roller)
Nocturnus – The Science of Horror (Nuclear War Now!)
Norse – Pest (Transcending Obscurity)
The Order of Apollyon – The Sword and the Dagger (Listenable)
Purple Nail – Embrace The Dark (Aural)
Pyramids – A Northern Meadow (Profound Lore)
Ranger – Where Evil Dwells (Spinefarm)
Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd

(Static Tension)
Rellik – Spiraling Infinite Chaos (HPGD)
Simbiose – Economical Terrorism (Anticorpos)
Sleeping With Sirens – Madness (Epitaph)
The Slow Death – Ark (Chaos)
Yorblind – Blind…But Alive (Klonosphere)