New Heavy Metal Album Releases: March 31, 2015

New Metal ReleasesAbhor – Ritualia Stramonium(Moribund)
Acoda – Truth Seeker (Best Before)
Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est(Lavadome)
Akrotheism / Septuagint – Sphinx: The Great Enigma of Times Split (Forever Plagued)
Ancient Rites – Laguz (Massacre)

Antagoniste – The Myth Of Mankind (I, Voidhanger)
Black Flame – The Origin of Fire (Avantgarde)
Blackout – Blackout (Riding Easy)
Blliigghhtted – Zeroes (Merdumgriz)
Choking On Illusions – Rest/less (Bastardized)
Corrosion – Corrosion (Mas-Kina)
Crowbar – Equilibrium Re-Release (eOne)
Cyrax – Pictures (Bakerteam)
De La Muerte – De La Muerte (Bakerteam)
Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia (Avantgarde)
Entail – United States Of Mind EP (Memorial)
Fortid – 9 (Schwarzdorn)
Full Devil Jacket – Valley of Bones (eOne)
Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead (Interscope)
Hot Lunch – Slappy Sunday EP (Scion)
Inculter – Persisting Devolution (Edged Circle)
Infesting Swarm – Desolation Road (Art of Propaganda)
Iris Divine – Karma Sown (Sensory)
Irreversible Mechanism – Infinite Fields (Blood)
Katatonia – Sanctitude DVD/CD (Kscope)
Mor Dagor – Redeemer (Osmose)
Multinational Corporations – Jamut-al-Maut

(Transcending Obscurity)
Murg – Varg & Bjorn (Nordvis)
Nepente – I Will Get Your Soul (Cimmerian Shade)
Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nuclear Blast)
Pantommind – Searching For Eternity (Spectastral)
Pentagram – All Your Sins DVD (Peaceville)
Pombagira – Flesh Throne Press (Svart)
Pregierz – Blood Sanctions EP (Blood Harvest)
Prong – Songs From the Black Hole (eOne / SPV)
Rise of Avernus – Dramatis Personae (Code 666)
Signs Of Darkness – The Age Of Decay (Shiver)
Spectral Darkwave – First Last Contact (Occidental)
Temperance – Limitless (Scarlet)
Terra – Untitled (Hibernacula)
Three Days Grace – Human (RCA)
Tome Of The Unreplenished – Innerstanding (I, Voidhanger)
Thurisaz – The Pulse of Mourning (Sleaszy Rider)
Tristana – Virtual Crime (Bakerteam)
Ufomammut – Ecate (Neurot)
Under Paris – Transitions (Imminence)
Violent Reaction – Marching On (Revelation)
Viper Solfa – Carving An Icon (Massacre)
Voice Of The Soul – Catacombs (Hell’s Hammer/Transcending Obscurity)
We Are Harlot – We Are Harlot (Roadrunner)
Where Evil Follows – Portable Darkness (Moribund)
Wino & Conny Ochs – Freedom Conspiracy (Exile On Mainstream)
Wrathage – Discipline (MAA)