New Heavy Metal Album Releases: May 26, 2015

New Metal ReleasesAeveron – VVD Destination Annihilation (Battlegod)
Albatross – Fear From The Skies (Transcending Obscurity)
Ape Machine – Live At Freak Valley (Ripple)
Apneica – Pulsazioni…Conversions (Club Inferno)
Arcturus – Arcturian (Prophecy)
Ashbringer – Vacant (Avantgarde)
Cold Cell – Lowlife (Avantgarde)
Dygitals – Dynamite (Mausoleum)
Exxiles – Oblivion (Nightmare)
Far Beyond the Sunrise – Far Beyond the Sunrise EP (Famined)
Guardians Of Time – Rage and Fire (Tmina)
Harmony – Remembrance (Ulterium)
Juggernaut – Overlooked EP (Blasphemour)
Kamchatka – Long Road Made Of Gold (Despotz)
Katechon – Coronation (Nuclear War Now!)
Killer – Monsters Of Rock (Mausoleum)
Light The Fire – Lost At Sea EP (Standby)
Livhzuena – Dark Mirror Neurons (Klonosphere)
Mamaleek – Via Dolorosa (The Flenser)
Morglbl – Tea Time For Punks (Free Electric Sound)
MRTVI – Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare (Into The Night)
Osculum Infame – The Axis Of Blood (Battlesk’r)
Pyramaze – Disciples of the Sun (Inner Wound)
Sarnath – Freshly Skinned and Left For Dead (Merdumgriz)
Skip Rock – Take It Or Leave It (Streetdog)
Swans – Filth Re-Release (Young God)
Ten – Isla De Muerta (Rocktopia)
Third Ion – 13/8Bit (Glasstone)
Thunder – Wonder Days (EarMusic)
Turbowolf – Two Hands (Spinefarm)
Unmothered – Umbra (Crowquill)
We Butter The Bread With Butter – Wieder Geil! (AFM)
Worldview – The Chosen Few (M24)
Zodiac – Road Tapes Vol. 1 (Prosthetic)