New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: February 20, 2013

The latest heavy metal album reviews, including releases by As They Burn, Baptists, The Beyond, Black Boned Angel, Botanist, Coldsteel, Complete Failure, Devourment, Disperse, Edge Of Attack, Eight Bells, Elysion Fields, Enshadowed, General Lee, Hanging Garden, Kingcrow, Kongh, Krypts, My Solioquy, Nepente, P.L.F., Raven Black Night, Sacred Steel, Sannhet, Skineater, Spektr, Terminate, Tomahawk, Tsjuder and Ulcer.

The reviews are on a 5 star scale.

As They Burn – ‘Will, Love, Life’ (Victory)

As They Burn - 'Will, Love, Life'Victory Records

Genre: Metalcore
Propelled by strong melodies and a remarkable replay factor, As They Burn have delivered a record that manages to stand apart from their peers with Will, Love, Life. Even more remarkable; these Parisians are delivering their American debut.

Stunning and at times wonderful, the bounce of the rhythm and delivery of the electronics that are a subtle surprise have made even the harshest critic of this genre fall into disbelief. While juvenile at times, this record and this band are worth watching out for. Do not overlook this release.

Rating: 4
(Edward Banchs)

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Baptists – ‘Bushcraft’ (Southern Lord)

Baptists - 'Bushcraft'Southern Lord Records

Genre: Hardcore
Just weeks after Wartorn decimated eardrums, Southern Lord drop another fiery discharge of hardcore in the form of Baptists’ debut,Bushcraft. Given the signature Godcity Studios stamp, the spirited force of Baptists’ gritty, sludge-packed hardcore-punk has been confined in all its naked glory by Kurt Ballou.

Each song is entirely free of excess, with drummer Nick Yacyshyn rail-riding rhythms increasing the volatility of the opening four. “Still Melt” and “Soiled Roots” interestingly vary the bludgeon, and by the time “Abandon” comes to a halt it’s evident that the Vancouver-based Baptists have earned their place upon Southern Lord’s reputable hardcore-pulpit.

Rating: 3.5
(Dean Brown)

The Beyond – ‘Forstbitepanzerf–k’ (Horror Pain Gore Death)

The Beyond - 'Forstbitepanzerf--k'Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Genre: Blackened Punk Take The Mentors, GG Allin, Darkthrone, and then toss the whole kit and caboodle into a blender. Out pops The Beyond, a thoroughly misogynistic outfit from Pennsylvania with, I’m sure, questionable at best hygiene habits.

Frostbitepanzerf—k is exactly as advertised: grimy blackened punk n’ roll played with an infectious messy enthusiasm. If the first sentence of this review is all you need to know what The Beyond are all about, then go for it. Just don’t show this one to your female significant other.

Rating: 3.5
(Dave Schalek)


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