New Heavy Metal Album Reviews For January 22, 2013 Heavy Metal has released it’s latest heavy metal album reviews, including releases from Aeon Zen, Blockheads, Clamfight, Continents, Corsair, Deceptor, Denouncement Pyre, Fall City Fall, Fen, Giant X, Head Of The Demon, Holy Grail, In Solitude, Jorn, Kromosom, Koldbrann, Lightning Swords Of Death, Nervochaos, Nightfall, Pink Cream 69, Rotten Sound, Royal Hunt, Saille, Sammal, Septicflesh, Snakecharmer, Tellus Requiem, Thy Art Is Murder, Unburied, Void Of Sleep, Vomitor, Wartorn and Yayla.

The rating is on a 5 star scale.

Aeon Zen – ‘Enigma’ (Nightmare)

Aeon Zen – ‘Enigma’Nightmare Records

Genre: Progressive Metal
British progressive metal act Aeon Zen’s third album Enigma is a broad collective of wonderful melodies and technical death metal that, while lingering with doubt, is intriguing. A peculiar aspect to this record is its lack of a cohesive definition in direction and purpose, yet this record keeps listeners involved.

It is a journey not only through the band’s impressive talent, but it is also into the broad spectrum of a heavy metal band not bound by limitations.

Rating: 3.5

Blockheads – ‘This World is Dead’ (Relapse)

Blockheads – 'This World is Dead'Relapse Records

Genre: Grindcore
I’m not supposed to use vulgarity in these write-ups, but it’s really hard to describe how much This World is Dead rips without sounding like a complete potty mouth. This is heavy, unrelenting, and above all, memorable. Blockheads have rung in 2013 with an unforgettable offering of maniacal, crushing grind that sounds like it was forged in an underground doomsday bunker.

Some bands can waste away an entire career without offering anything as devastating as “Follow The Bombs,” just one of 25 tracks on this LP. The world might be dead, but thanks to this veteran French collective, grind is still very much alive.

Rating: 4.5

Clamfight – ‘I Versus The Glacier’ (The Maple Forum)

Clamfight – 'I Versus The Glacier'The Maple Forum

Genre: Stoner Metal
I Versus The Glacier from New Jersey’s Clamfight is an honest and organic brew of hard rock and aggressive stoner metal, overall sounding a little further south than Jersey. There’s nothing overly original about them but that’s not the point.

Clamfight is all about the rock. Toe-tappin’, head-bobbin’ rawk. Warm tones and killer riffs combine their myriad influences into their own (fighting invertebrate) animal. The familiarity lends itself to appreciation when the sludgier moments of “Shadow Line” and “Age of Reptiles” etc. accent the blues tinged rock and roll with rough and raw vocals. Let the good times roll.

Rating: 3.5


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