New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: July 30, 2013

Autumnblaze – ‘Every Sun Is Fragile’ (Pulverised)

Autumnblaze - 'Every Sun Is Fragile'
Pulverised Records

Genre: Gothic Rock/Metal
The German band Autumnblaze have embraced many different styles over the years, including what they dubbed “trip rock.” After a four year absence, they return with Every Sun Is Fragile. It’s a melancholy and mature effort.

As far as genre description, there’s not one specific one that fits, as they incorporate elements of gothic metal, alt rock and even some black metal at the end of “New Ghosts In Town.” Depressive baritone vocals that would have fit in perfectly with ’80s new wave combine with rock sensibilities and some metal flourishes. A few of the songs are in German, with the rest in English. It’s a little too mopey at times, but when they fire up the guitars and tempo, it’s a sad but enjoyable ride.

Rating: 3.5
(Chad Bowar)

Carach Angren – ‘Lammendam’ (Season Of Mist)

Carach Angren - 'Lammendam'
Season Of Mist

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
After signing with Season Of Mist for the release of their third album last year, Carach Angren’s first two albums are now being reissued by that label. First up is their 2008 debut Lammendam.

Carach Angren play symphonic black metal in the vein of bands like Dimmu Borgir. The symphonic parts are expertly arranged, and they add plenty of extremity with blastbeats and ominous riffs. It’s also a concept album that is larger than life and cinematic, and although it get close at times, doesn’t cross the line into cheesy. The reissued version ofLammendam also includes three extra tracks taken from their EP Ethereal Veiled Existence.

Rating: 4
(Chad Bowar)

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Carach Angren – ‘Death Came Through A Phantom Ship’ (Season Of Mist)

Carach Angren - 'Death Came Through A Phantom Ship'
Season Of Mist

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Carach Angren’s sophomore album, 2010’s Death Came Through A Phantom Ship, also gets the reissue treatment from Season Of Mist. The extra tracks are re-recorded versions of early material. Two come from the 2005 EP Ethereal Veiled Existence EP and one from the 2004 demo The Chase Vault Tragedy.

Death Came Through A Phantom Ship is similar to their debut, but to me it’s just a hair better. It’s more dynamic and the songs are a little more memorable. The concept, as you’d guess from the title, involves two metal staples: ghosts and the sea. Carach Angren have their own take on symphonic black metal, and if you missed their first two albums, they are well worth checking out.

Rating: 4.5
(Chad Bowar)


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