New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: June 11, 2013

Aborym – ‘Dirty’ (Agonia)

Aborym - 'Dirty'
Agonia Records

Genre: Black Metal
Aborym have always been a thorn in the side of black metal’s strict orthodoxy, mangling conventions to varying degrees of success since 1993. Dirty is the band’s sixth studio release, and it’s a double album that brings together everything Aborym have experimented with over their twisted tenure, yet looks to the future.

The industrial/electronic aspects of Aborym co-exist in disharmony with immoral blasts of black metal; an amalgam that has wetted the blood-stained lips of Anaal Nathrakh, among others. And definite care has been taken when constructing the music; Faust’s acoustic drum work melds into processed beats, while synthesized splatters of sound vary feel and compliment the unease, depending on where the song lurches. It’s not as inspired as the band’s debut Kali Yuga Bizarre, but Aborym are nonetheless one of the best bands for bringing two austere genres together as one.

Rating: 3.5
(Dean Brown)

Author and Punisher – ‘Women & Children’ (Seventh Rule)

Author and Punisher – 'Women & Children'
Seventh Rule Recordings

Genre: Industrial/Doom Metal
Man-machine Tristan Shone, a.k.a. Author & Punisher, is back with his fifth album Women & Children after turning heads with last year’s Ursus Americanus. While it’s not as solid as his previous offering, it’s well worth a listen.

Title track and album opener “Women & Children” sounds like dubstep’s brooding, chain-smoking older brother, while the pulsing “Fearce” feels like a meat tenderizer massage on the eardrums. It’s fine for any artist to branch out, but the album loses momentum when Shone turns to more traditional musical apparatuses like piano/keyboards (gasp!) on tracks like “Pain Myself” and “Tame as a Lion.” Otherwise it’s a decent offering from metal’s preeminent sonic mechanic.

Rating 3.5
(Kevin Sirois)

Celldweller – ‘Celldweller’ Re-Release (Celldweller)

Celldweller – 'Celldweller'
Celldweller Productions

Genre: Alternative Metal/Electro Rock
Celldweller are the brainchild of multi-faceted personality Klayton. 10 years have passed since this record’s original release – it’s now back with added material. Every song featured on disc one has found its way onto various soundtracks and even after a decade the classic track “Switchback” has lost none of its magic.

Disc two is a treasure trove for EDM fanatics and every song is pulsating with a cinematic feel and the melodic yet strong vocals make this double CD all the more accessible for those that have yet to venture into this genre.

Rating: 4
(Angela Davey)



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