New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: November 13, 2013

Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise – ‘Axiom of Post Inhumanity’ Split (Relapse)

Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise – ‘Axiom of Post Inhumanity'
Relapse Records

Genre: Experimental Grindcore/Powerviolence
For their latest split record Axiom of Post Inhumanity, experimental grindcore group Brutal Truth and ambient noisecore/power violence pioneers Bastard Noise are releasing completely different records under the same title. With a 4-track LP and a 6-track CD available, only via digital release can fans hear all seven tracks by Bastard Noise and three from Brutal Truth.

Bastard Noise’s contributions are defined by overwhelming walls of sound, squalling tsunamis of electro-acoustic violence that ripple and smother. The grittier, sharper and more punctuated pieces from Brutal Truth come as almost a relief. Their eerie and half-heard sounds, suffused with strange buzzing and shot through with wriggling feedback and discord, had a great sense of tension to them, but even this crawling dread is gentler that what comes before.

Rating: 3
(Natalie Zed)

Chronos Zero – ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness…’ (Bakerrteam)

Chronos Zero -  ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness'
Bakerteam Records

Genre: Progressive Metal
A Prelude Into Emptiness… is an ambitious debut from the Italian bandChronos Zero. It’s epic in scope and sound, a concept record that features several guest appearances.

The prog is augmented by symphonic elements. The arrangements are complex and there’s also a lot of atmosphere. Jan Manenti from Love Must Kill is the vocalist, with female vocals provided by Claudia Saponi (Absynth Aura). The musicianship is excellent, although some of the instrumentals could be trimmed or cut to make things more streamlined.

Rating: 3.5
(Chad Bowar)

Cronian – ‘Erathems’ (Season of Mist)

Cronian – ‘Erathems’
Season Of Mist

Genre: Progressive Black Metal
For the last 18 years Borknagar have been a huge influence on the underground progressive black metal scene. Their guitarist Oystein Brun and vocalist Vintersorg are also working together in the side projectCronian and have recorded their third release Erathems. Containing a lot of the same elements as their main band, one would be hard pressed to hear a major difference.

Where Borknagar are more riff oriented, the songwriting on Erathems is centered around Vintersorg’s wonderful vocal melodies and huge musical soundscapes. The band does an excellent job of balancing aggression and melody throughout the release. An improvement over their last release, Erathems is a fine accompaniment to Borknagar’s stunning 2012 release Urd.

Rating: 3.5
(Dan Drago)

Demonical – ‘Darkness Unbound’ (Cyclone Empire)

Demonical – ‘Darkness Unbound’
Cyclone Empire Records

Genre: Death Metal
Spawned out of the shadows of Centinex, Demonical were formed to return to the roots of death metal. Their fourth full-length releaseDarkness Unbound is a straightforward assault of brutality. Buzzsaw guitars blended with guttural vocals and detuned riffs are straight out of early Swedish death metal icons Dismember and Unleashed.

A new drummer and two new guitarists have joined the band since their last release and their contributions are essential to the release. Demonical do an excellent job of varying their tempos, as “The Healing Control” is a nonstop juggernaut and “King of All” is a doom tinged battering. Another solid record from a band that wears their influences on their sleeve and don’t deviate from a proven formula.

Rating: 3.5
(Dan Drago)



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