New Heavy Metal CD Releases: December 4, 2012

Arbogast – I (Nefarious Industries)
Ashes You Leave – The Cure For Happiness (Rock N’ Growl)
Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties Live (Armoury)
Humanity Delete – Never Ending Nightmares (Dead Beat Media)
Kowloon Walled City – Container Ships (Brutal Panda)
Malnatt – Principia Discordia (Bakerteam)
My Heart To Fear – Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity (Solid State)
Opium Warlords – We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky (Svart)
The Relapse Symphony – Time’s Running Out EP (Standby)
Rhyme – The Seed And The Sewage (Bakerteam)

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