New Heavy Metal CD Releases: February 5, 2013

new-metal-releases28th Sin – Cosmogenesis (Soulseller)
Acrimonius – Sunyata(Agonia)
Alpha Tiger – Beneath The Surface (Century Media)
Ancient VVisdom – Deathlike (Prosthetic)
Anger As Art – Hubris Inc. (Old School Metal)
Archon – Auroboros Collapsing (The Path Less Traveled)
Attacker – Giants Of Canaan (Metal On Metal)
Audrey Horne – Youngblood (Napalm)
Bloody Hammers – Bloody Hammers (Soulseller)
Cortez – Phoebus (Throatruiner)
Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity (Willowtip)
Destruction – Spiritual Genocide (Nuclear Blast)
Endezzma – Erotik Nekrosis (Agonia)
Frankenbok – Cheers, Beers & Beards! (Fair Dinkum)
Funeral For A Friend – Conduit(The End)
Gloria Morti – Lateral Constraint (Metal Blade)
Hammerfall – Gates Of Dalhalla DVD (Nuclear Blast)
Hanging Garden – At Every Door (Lifeforce)
Hate – Solarflesh (Napalm)
Heart In Hand – Almost There (Siege Of Amida)
Helen Money – Arriving Angels (Profound Lore)
Necrowretch – Putrid Death Sorcery (Century Media)
Primitive Man – Scorn (Throatruiner)
The Prophecy – Salvation (Code 666)
Quadrivium – Methocha (Soulseller)
Riverside – Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (Inside Out)
Slough Feg – Down Among The Deadmen Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slough Feg – Traveller Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slough Feg – Twilight Of The Idols Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Sonic Reign – Monument In Black (Apostasy)
Vex – Memorious (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Zombified – Carnage, Slaughter and Death (Metal Blade)

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