New Heavy Metal CD Releases: May 7, 2013

new-metal-releases1Acolyte – Alta (Mordgrimm)
Amber – Lovesaken (Halo Of Flies)
The Amenta – Flesh Is Heir (Listenable)
Atrocity – Okkult (Napalm)
Control Human Delete – The Prime Mover (Code 666)
Delain – Interlude (Napalm)
Dug Pinnick – Naked (MVD)
Earthling – Dark Path (Forcefield)
F.K.U. – 4: Rise Of The Mosh Monsters(Napalm)
Freedom Call – Ages Of Light (SPV)
Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes (AFM)
Gloomball – The Distance (SPV)
Grime – Deteriorate (Forcefield)
In The Silence – A Fair Dream Gone Mad (Sensory)
Kingdom Come – Outlier (SPV)
Magister Templi – Lucifer Leviathan Logos (Cruz Del Sur)
Metal Law – Lawbreaker Re-Release (Metal On Metal)
Mpire Of Evil – Crucified (Deadline)
Nordheim – Refill (Maple Metal)
Rhapsody Of Fire – Live: From Chaos To Eternity (AFM)
Sacred Gate – Tides Of War (Metal On Metal
Sadgiqacea – False Prism (Candlelight)
Sidious – Ascension to the Throne ov Self (Kaotoxin)
Sodom – Epitome Of Torture (SPV)
Temple of Thieves – Passing Through The Zeros (Goomba)
Tormented – Death Awaits
V8 Wankers – Got Beer? (SPV)
Vicious Rumors – Electric Punishment (SPV)

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