New Heavy Metal CD Releases: November 22, 2011

Here are the new heavy metal CD releases for this week:

Acherontas – Vamachara (Agonia)
Behemoth – Demonica (Metal Blade)
Cathedral – Anniversary (Rise Above)
Chasma – Declarations of the Grand Artificer (Moribund)
Coalesce – Give Them Rope Re-Release (Relapse)
Dead – Hardnaked But Dead (FDA Rekotz)
Embalmed – Exalt The Imperial Beast (Hells Headbangers)
Forteresse – Crépuscule d’Octobre (Sepulchral Productions)
Funerus – Reduced To Sludge (Ibex Moon)
Infernal Legion – The Spear of Longinus (Moribund)
Magnum – Evolution (SPV)
Neige et Noirceur – Hymnes de la Montagne Noire (Sepulchral Productions)
Nemesea – The Quiet Resistance (Napalm)
Riot – Immortal Soul (SPV)
Root – Heritage Of Satan (Agonia)
Satan’s Host – Celebration (Moribund)
Sunn O – ØØ Void (Southern Lord)
Svolk – Svolk Em All (Napalm)
Vektor – Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery)
Virgin Steele – Age Of Consent Re-Release (SPV)

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