New Heavy Metal CD Releases: November 5, 2013

New Metal ReleasesAqua Nebula Oscillator – Spiritus Mundi (Tee Pee)
Baxter Stockman – Punter (Ektro)
Bonesaw – The Illicit Revue (Unholy Anarchy)
Cara Neir – Portals To A Better, Dead World (Broken Limbs)
Cathexis – Pillar Of Waste (Mulligore)
Convulse – Evil Prevails (Svart)
Czar – No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive(Cracknation)
Dagoba – Post Mortem Nihil Est (eOne)
Dawn Of Tears – Act III: The Dying Eve (Inverse)
Dead End Finland – Season Of Withering (Inverse)
Dream Theater – Live At Luna Park DVD (Eagle Rock)
Enabler – Flies EP (The Compound)
Epysode – Fantasmagoria (AFM)
Europe – Live At Sweden Rock: 30th Anniversary ShowDVD/CD (MVD)
Exlibris – Humagination (Metal Mind)
Falkenbach – Asa (Prophecy)
Finnr’s Cane – A Portrait Painted By The Sun(Prophecy)
Freya – Paragon Of The Crucible (Holy Mountain)
Gift Of Gods – Receive EP (Peaceville)
Gravecode Nebula – Sempiternal Void (Baneful Genesis)
Grim Funeral – Abdication Under Funeral Dirge(Avantgarde)
Impending Doom – Death Will Reign (eOne)
Izegrim – Congress of the Insane (Listenable)
Leash Eye – Hard Truckin’ Rock (Metal Mind)
Lions Of Tsavo – Traverser (Toxic Assets)
Lita Ford – The Bitch Is Back…Live (SPV)
Lovijatar – Pimeän Tuoja (Inverse)
Mad Hatter’s Den – Welcome To The Den (Inverse)
Mad Max – Interceptor (SPV)
Magoa – Topsy Turvydom (Klonosphere)
The Melvins – Tres Cabrones (Ipecac)
Mother Susurrus – Maahaavaa (Ektro)
Necrowretch – Bestial Rites 2009-2012 (Century Media)
Nekrofilth – Devil’s Breath (Hells Headbangers)
Northlane – Singularity (UNFD)
Old Skin – Maere EP (Dry Cough)
Otargo – Apex Terror (Listenable)
Ovo – Abisso (Supernatural Cat)
Paradise Lost – Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities) (Century Media)
Place Vendome – Thunder In The Distance (Frontiers)
Rising – Abominor (Indisciplinarian)
Seventh Key – I Will Survive (Frontiers)
Soul Remnants – Black and Blood (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Stryper – No More Hell To Pay (Frontiers)
Thalion – Dawn Of Chaos (Maple Metal)
Thraw – Decoding The Past (Metal Tank)
Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement (SPV)
Tragodia – Mythmaker (Kolony)
Tyranny Is Tyranny – Let It Come From Whom It May(Phratry)
Tyrants Blood – Into the Kingdom of Graves (Tridroid)
Vengeance – Piece Of Cake (SPV)
Voices Of Extreme – Break The Silence (Smash Mouth)
Warmaster – The End Of Humanity (Slaughterhouse)
Zemial – Nykta (Hells Headbangers)

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