Storm Corrosion Releases ‘Drag Ropes’ Music Video

“Drag Ropes” is the first official video from STORM CORROSION, the long-discussed and highly anticipated collaboration between two of the modern progressive rock scene’s most innovative and multi-talented artists. Mikael Åkerfeldt of OPETH and PORCUPINE TREE‘s Steven Wilson .

One thought on “Storm Corrosion Releases ‘Drag Ropes’ Music Video”

  1. Interesting video… brings back some things that happened hundreds of years ago… but it causes me very mixed feelings because in this day and age, given the background of what’s been happening in Norway recently, this is tantamount to a blood libel against Christianity. I wonder if anyone’s brave enough to attempt a similar piece against Islam where in the current world situation, the invective would be much more deserved, but far more likely to invoke a dangerous response from the very people it would have been directed against.

    In other words, let’s see you pick a hard target next time. How brave are you, really?

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