36 Crazyfists Live Footage In Munich

Here is some fan filmed live video footage of 36 CRAZYFISTS‘ March 21, 2009 concert in Munich, Germany.

36 CRAZYFISTS filmed its January 9, 2009 concert in Anchorage, Alaska for a forthcoming DVD. According to vocalist Brock Lindow, “the show [was] monstrous as the ones in the past have proved to be what dreams are made of. But as the years have gone on, you can imagine the amount of ridiculous footage we have from backstage antics to being a 18-year-old skinny, punk-ass kid getting my long hair chopped off by [Steve] Holt [guitar] in a drunken stupor; it’s things like this that will be hilarious to sift through and add to our special features section of the DVD.”

36 Crazyfists Live Show At The Lost Horizon

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