New Mastodon Album to be Called “The Hunter”

I saw this bit of news yesterday while I was at work and figured it would get written up on some other sites. For whatever reason this has really flown under the radar, so I guess I’ll just unleash it on the AMR world.

In a recent interview with MTV Germany, Bill and Brann from Mastodon revealed that they’ve finished recording the album and it’s called The Hunter. Back in December Brent’s brother died in a hunting accident, and it was revealed that there would be a song about it. Now it appears the album title commemorates this, and if you’re a fan of Mastodon at all you know this isn’t out of the ordinary. Crack the Skye was about Brann’s sister Skye, who committed suicide as a teenager.

Also revealed was that there are 15 tracks recorded, and none of them are ten and a half minute epics like on Crack the Skye. This album took less time to record and is much simpler; it’s already been compared by Brent to Leviathan.

So there you have it. A new, simpler Mastodon album that’s less prog-tastic called The Hunter should be dropping sometime in the Fall.

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