Mastodon Releases ‘The Motherload’ Music Video

“The Motherload”, the new video from Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON, is taken from the band’s sixth album, “Once More ‘Round The Sun”, which sold around 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on June 24 via Reprise Records.

Mastodon Releases ‘Curl Of The Burl’ Music Video

“Curl Of The Burl” is the new video from Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON. Drummer Brann Dailor came up with the concept for the clip, which was helmed by director Roboshobo (a.k.a. Robert Schober; METALLICA‘s “All Nightmare Long”), who previously worked with MASTODON on the “Divinations” and “Sleeping Giant” videos.

checkout some classic LIVE MASTODON right here!

Mastodon Streams Entire New Album “The Hunter” Online

U.S. progressive/groove band Mastodon is streaming the entire new LP “The Hunter” on YouTube (see below). The album is scheduled for release on September 27, 2011 through Reprise Records.

The track listing for “The Hunter” is as follows:

1.Black Tongue
2.Curl of the Burl
5.Octopus Has No Friends
6.All the Heavy Lifting
7.The Hunter
8.Dry Bone Valley
10. Creature Lives

Mastodon ‘Curl Of The Burl’ Song Available For Streaming

“Curl Of The Burl”, a brand new song from Atlanta progressive metal band MASTODON, is now available. The track comes off the band’s new album, “The Hunter”, which will be released in several configurations that feature an exciting interactive 3D experience known as Augmented Reality. The technology, created by Los Angeles-based company Total Immersion, combines virtual and real worlds to create a 3D one-of-a-kind interactive experience that users can control. Just by using a camera on a computer, their own face and the cover art on “The Hunter”, the user can turn themselves into “The Hunter” sculpture that is pictured on the cover.

Curl Of The Burl by mastodonrocks

Mastodon Releases New Song, Forgets They’re Mastodon

You read that title correctly. By now, anyone with even a passing interesting in metal news knows Mastodon recently put out the first single from their upcoming fifth album, The Hunter. The song, entitled “Black Tongue,” is linked below if you somehow have avoided this piece of news all day.

Let me be frank: I do not like this at all. I’m a huge Mastodon fan; I truly enjoyed all four albums preceding this one and I was initially excited by the prospect of Mastodon (for lack of a better word) dumbing their music back down from the epic prog structures of Crack the Skye. I really would like to enjoy this song, but I just can’t. The obvious culprit of my disdain is of course Troy’s vocals, which have quickly bridged the gap between endearingly bad and outright horrible. Can you imagine him even attempting these live? People unfamiliar with Mastodon are going to think it’s a Saturday Night Live skit.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the vocals either. The music sounds like a much more restrained Mastodon where the things that created their massive fan base (energy, virtuoso ability, intensity) have been swapped out in favor of things that placate the tastes of the Warner Bros. elite. Anyone could be playing this music; there is nothing particularly unique (or Mastodonian, if you will) about it, and if this were any other band I would have stopped the song one minute in and never would have given it a second thought for the rest of my life. But this isn’t just another band. This is Mastodon, the band I expect great things from and have received great things from up until this point.

To receive something of this quality isn’t quite like watching Metallica go from …And Justice for All to The Black Album, but it is a bit like Megadeth going from Rust in Peace to Countdown to Extinction. Maybe the rest of the album will redeem this one song, but I fear the Mastodon I have come to love is no more.

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Fan Filmed Footage Of Mastodon At Roskilde Festival In Denmark

Quality fan-filmed video footage of MASTODON‘s July 1, 2011 performance at Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmarkhas made its way online:

Also … if you haven’t seen them before … see the classic Live Mastodon Videos UVTV filmed a few years ago!

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New Mastodon Album to be Called “The Hunter”

I saw this bit of news yesterday while I was at work and figured it would get written up on some other sites. For whatever reason this has really flown under the radar, so I guess I’ll just unleash it on the AMR world.

In a recent interview with MTV Germany, Bill and Brann from Mastodon revealed that they’ve finished recording the album and it’s called The Hunter. Back in December Brent’s brother died in a hunting accident, and it was revealed that there would be a song about it. Now it appears the album title commemorates this, and if you’re a fan of Mastodon at all you know this isn’t out of the ordinary. Crack the Skye was about Brann’s sister Skye, who committed suicide as a teenager.

Also revealed was that there are 15 tracks recorded, and none of them are ten and a half minute epics like on Crack the Skye. This album took less time to record and is much simpler; it’s already been compared by Brent to Leviathan.

So there you have it. A new, simpler Mastodon album that’s less prog-tastic called The Hunter should be dropping sometime in the Fall.

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Mastodon Live At The Aragon

Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON will release their first-ever live experience package, entitled “Mastodon: Live At The Aragon” via Reprise Records. The set will contain a CD and DVD which captures the band’s sonic assault recorded and filmed live on October 19, 2009, at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago while touring in support of its critically acclaimed album “Crack The Skye”.

Shadowside Releases ‘Hideaway’ Music Video

“Hideaway”, the new video from the Brazilian female-fronted metal band SHADOWSIDE, has been released. The clip, which was directed, produced and edited by Luiz Felipe Amorim, was filmed in an abandoned garage in the group’s hometown of Santos. It features the band performing as well as lead singer Dani Nolden playing the main character. She says, “[The track deals with] people who are misunderstood, mistreated and put down by society for their whole lives, for the sole reason of being different and unusual. In this case, we portrayed it on a more personal level and showed a teenage girl accused by her mother of painting masks to disrespect her, to be aggressive, while all she wants is to express herself and ends up hiding who she really is.”

Mastodon | ‘Divinations’

“Divinations” is the new music video from Atlanta-based hard rock behemoths MASTODON. The video was helmed by director Roboshobo (a.k.a. Robert Schober; METALLICA‘s “All Nightmare Long”), who previously worked with MASTODON on the “Sleeping Giant” video, and it depicts the bandmembers on a rock ‘n’ roll mission, trudging through the frozen tundra. “We’re climbing a mountain looking for a creature named Brent,” guitarist Bill Kelliher told “We were mountaineers – explorers, like in John Carpenter‘s ‘The Thing’.”

Also shown below is some classic Mastodon live footage that was filmed in Syracuse NY and Albany NY.

exclusive live concert video
“Aqua Dementia” & “March Of The Fire Ants”
Mastodon Concert Video
“Where Strides The Behemoth”
Mastodon Concert Video

New Mastodon Recording – Classic Live Videos

Mastodon vocalist & bassist Troy Sanders speaking about the new record:

“I think it’s become more spacious, melodic and a bit more epic, in the grand scheme of things. Some of the guitar parts really space out. We paid a lot of attention to the vocal patterns. We really tried to become more melodic with the vocals, making them more intertwined with the songs. It’s by far the biggest departure from record to record that we’ve done. A lot of the stuff on this record doesn’t quite sound like us. You know it’s us, because it’s obvious that it is when you hear it. But on first listen, you don’t know what the hell’s going on. For me, the biggest departure was the vocal style that we applied to every song on the album. The vocal style is very much in tune with the music itself. We created this more unified, melodic record.”

Read the full interview at artist direct

For those of you that prefer the original Mastodon vocal stylings here yah go:

“Mother Puncher”
Mastodon Live Video

“Crusher Destroyer”
Mastodon Live Video

“Iron Tusk”
Mastodon Live Video

Ozzfest 2007 Kickoff Special


The Ozzfest 2007 Kickoff special Featuring live videos of Ozzfest bands past & present filmed in clubs in the Northeast is now online at the UVTV website. It’ll be there all this week – July 1-8 and can also be viewed on i-Tunes.

The show has performances by In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Mastodon, The Showdown, In This Moment, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Unearth, Strapping Young Lad, Bleeding Through, Devildriver, Shadows Fall, Trivium & Walls Of Jericho.

Right Click & “Save As” here download the episode in a high quality mp4 format.