Mastodon | ‘Divinations’

“Divinations” is the new music video from Atlanta-based hard rock behemoths MASTODON. The video was helmed by director Roboshobo (a.k.a. Robert Schober; METALLICA‘s “All Nightmare Long”), who previously worked with MASTODON on the “Sleeping Giant” video, and it depicts the bandmembers on a rock ‘n’ roll mission, trudging through the frozen tundra. “We’re climbing a mountain looking for a creature named Brent,” guitarist Bill Kelliher told “We were mountaineers – explorers, like in John Carpenter‘s ‘The Thing’.”

Also shown below is some classic Mastodon live footage that was filmed in Syracuse NY and Albany NY.

exclusive live concert video
“Aqua Dementia” & “March Of The Fire Ants”
Mastodon Concert Video
“Where Strides The Behemoth”
Mastodon Concert Video

New Mastodon Recording – Classic Live Videos

Mastodon vocalist & bassist Troy Sanders speaking about the new record:

“I think it’s become more spacious, melodic and a bit more epic, in the grand scheme of things. Some of the guitar parts really space out. We paid a lot of attention to the vocal patterns. We really tried to become more melodic with the vocals, making them more intertwined with the songs. It’s by far the biggest departure from record to record that we’ve done. A lot of the stuff on this record doesn’t quite sound like us. You know it’s us, because it’s obvious that it is when you hear it. But on first listen, you don’t know what the hell’s going on. For me, the biggest departure was the vocal style that we applied to every song on the album. The vocal style is very much in tune with the music itself. We created this more unified, melodic record.”

Read the full interview at artist direct

For those of you that prefer the original Mastodon vocal stylings here yah go:

“Mother Puncher”
Mastodon Live Video

“Crusher Destroyer”
Mastodon Live Video

“Iron Tusk”
Mastodon Live Video

Ozzfest 2007 Kickoff Special


The Ozzfest 2007 Kickoff special Featuring live videos of Ozzfest bands past & present filmed in clubs in the Northeast is now online at the UVTV website. It’ll be there all this week – July 1-8 and can also be viewed on i-Tunes.

The show has performances by In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Mastodon, The Showdown, In This Moment, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Unearth, Strapping Young Lad, Bleeding Through, Devildriver, Shadows Fall, Trivium & Walls Of Jericho.

Right Click & “Save As” here download the episode in a high quality mp4 format.