Shinedown Releases ‘Adrenaline’ Music Video

“Adrenaline”, the video for the fifth single from SHINEDOWN‘s 20120 album “Amaryllis”, has been released. The clip, which was filmed on the Carnival Of Madness tour earlier this year, was shot by Rob Fenn and it “showcases SHINEDOWN‘s penchant for a high-energy rock show, featuring both video and photo stills taken during the concerts,” according to

Shinedown | ‘The Sound Of Madness’

SHINEDOWN‘s music video for the title track from the band’s latest album, “The Sound Of Madness” has been released. “The Sound Of Madness” follows “Second Chance”, the CD’s second single, which recently topped the rock radio charts. Brent Smith told The Pulse of Radio that “The Sound Of Madness” doesn’t have the same uplifting message as its predecessor. “People always have a person that they see self-destructing themselves, and at a point in time, you get over trying to make them understand,” he said. “And as you help them, they keep constantly just going downhill. And it’s this song where it’s the person telling the other person, ‘You know what? I know that you’ve gone through all this stuff, I know that it’s hard, but I’ve gone through the same thing that you’ve gone through.'”