Terror Releases ‘You’re Caught’ Music Video

The brand new video from Terror “You’re Caught” has premiered this morning on Bloody Disgusting (also see below!). The video is both extreme and violent which comes with a lesson: respect the people you work with and you’re superiors or you might get screwed. with a bullet.

The video will be included on the new DVD Defending The Faith, which will be included in the CD/DVD re-issue of Keepers Of The Faith, their latest album, which will be out November 1st.

Terror | ‘Rise Of The Poisoned Youth’

“Rise Of The Poisoned Youth”, is a new music video from the Los Angeles hardcore/metal band TERROR. According to frontman Scott Vogel, the clip “was shot in Curitiba, Brazil. Our friend Marcos really hooked up the whole thing. He booked a great show, in a great venue, for this sort of vibe. Kids came out and went crazy. The energy was captured perfectly. He also shot extra footage in an underground boxing club. We felt this fit in well with the lyrics and visual of the song.”