November’s Doom Releases ‘What Could Have Been’ Music Video

The first video from new NOVEMBERS DOOM album Aphotic has been released. The song, “What Could Have Been,” features vocalist Anneke Van Giersbergen  (Auga De Anneque, ex-The Gathering) and can be viewed at this location. The video has a cinematic feel, using once again Cage XXI Enterprises and Director Tony Myles. Tony is also responsible for the “Autumn Reflection” and “A Eulogy for the Living Lost” videos.

Novembers Doom Releases ‘A Eulogy For The Living Lost’ Music Video

“A Eulogy For The Living Lost”, the new video from Chicago’s NOVEMBERS DOOM, has been released online. The clip was filmed in Florida with the director who previously worked with the band on the “Autumn Reflection” video. According to the press release: “Tony Myles and Cage XXI have created a vision of a post-apocalyptic television broadcast. This unique look was filmed with the custom-made ‘Wartooth’ camera.”

Hypno5e Releases ‘Tutuguri’ (live) Music Video

Checkout French experi-metalists HYPNO5E and their live video for “Tutuguri”. The video was shot live in Toulouse, France @ SDF Ramonville, and showcases the band’s amazing stage presence, which includes a big video projector screen that displays all of their conceptual ideas within their music.  A very unique show indeed, and as HYPNO5E bassist Gredin says, “We want to create a total artistic show.  That’s why we ally visual arts with music, our movie is a big part of our music, if it is not on stage with us an instrument is missing.”

In-Quest Releases ‘Mind Over Matter’ Music Video

“Mind Over Matter” is the new music video from Belgian technical death metallers IN-QUEST. According to the band, “It all started with a crazy dream about fate and life being no more than a fixed road of planned events. Before we knew it, we were shooting a video around it in an old metal factory, sweating our asses of in front of melting metal. ‘Cuz, we figured, nothing is more metal than metal itself, arrrr! We’re really proud of the result and hope you like it.”

Pestilence | ‘Devouring Frenzy’

“Devouring Frenzy” is the new music video from the resurrected late ’80s/early ’90s death metal outfit PESTILENCE, can be viewed below. The song comes off the band’s latest album, “Resurrection Macabre”, which was released on March 13 in Europe (April 14 in the U.S.) via Holland’s Mascot Records. The band recorded a total of 14 songs during the session at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark – 11 new tracks and three classic PESTILENCE cuts (as chosen by the fans) which are included on the limited-edition first pressing: “Out Of The Body”, “Chemo Therapy” and “Lost Souls”. Joining guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli in PESTILENCE‘s current recording lineup are Tony Choy (ATHEIST, CYNIC) on bass and Peter Wildoer (DARKANE, NON-HUMAN LEVEL) on drums. Patrick has previously described the band’s new material as a modern fusion of “Testimony of the Ancients” (1991) and “Spheres” (1993), but even more technical and brutal.

Zadoc And The Nightmare Live At The Lost Horizon In Syracuse NY

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Stone Soul Foundation Live At Harley Performance Center In Syracuse NY

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Caustic Live At KROCK Dysfunctional BBQ

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Music Videos Of The Underground & Unsigned Artists Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the underground & unsigned artists special. Here is the playlist for the episode:

A Different Self – Inside
Crankdaddy – Jetta
Crud – Reality
Divided By Zero – Chemical
Esoteric – Boring
Merit – Useless
Odd Shaped Head – The Multi Coloured Ket Song
Rumsfield – Blister
Silencer – The Harvest
Special Unit 2 – Mixed Up Nothings
Stemm – Monster
Strain – April
Zonaria – The Armageddon Anthem
Dogs On Mars – Freak With Lizardman
Hemorrhage – Unison
Muzzlestamp – Overedged
Psyknyne – Hell

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War Of Attrition Live At The Lost Horizon

The UVTV Concert Series Podcasts continue with War Of Attrition filmed at the newly reopened legendary Lost Horizon in Syracuse NY.

Their debut EP “and the void stared back” was released by the Syracuse based label Krom Records, run by Earth Crisis, Freya, and Path Of Resistance front man Karl Buechner. War of Attrition delivers the percussion of Testament and the catchiness of Carcass’s razor sharp hooks.


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