What Kind Of Metalhead Are You? Handy Guide To Metalheads!

Here’s some hilarious found on Deviant Art  to show you. Portuguese artist LusoSkav crafted this series of “funny because it’s true” caricatures of people from all walks of metal dubbed Luso’s Handy Guide to Metalheads.

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39 thoughts on “What Kind Of Metalhead Are You? Handy Guide To Metalheads!”

  1. This was great, but I’d like to point out that there are normal legit female metal fans. I don’t fall into the TWO categories listed for women, I’m more the Brutal Death Metaler type…just sayin.

  2. I would be considered hardcore i think! Image free no tats or make up of any kind! Im tired of the emo/gothic look! it started out cool! Now its just sad and pathetic! Trying really hard to look like an idiot! No more wool beanies in 100 degree weather! You are no longer rebelling! Just confusing people whether you are male or female! Anyways I love anything from devil wears prada to the acacia strain! I have been on a lamb of god kick! Poor mr Blythe, I feel for the guy! My Hardcore metal cd collection is unrivaled! I have caliban and kill whitney dead and all shall perish… the list goes on and on! I know more metal bands than most people know songs. Anyone out there like me? Who think the music is much more important than bands needing to have the undead on all there t shirts! And guys that are just asking for a head skif because they look like fags. And I dont mean gay, i mean fags!

  3. I apologize for my post earlier today! It was a bad morning and I didnt mean to sound insensitive to homosexuals! I realize alot of people care about image and just because i dont understand doesnt mean I should hate!

  4. I’m a Prog Metal, NWOBHM, Traditional Metal fan. Long hair, jeans, T Shirt, Sandals. The quintessential Hippie Metal Fan. Morpheus Rising, Magnum, Metallica, Not Quite a Devil, Floyd, Zeppelin, Rush, Stones, etc, etc. I enjoy listening to very much British Indie Prog Metal Bands mainly because they have it happening there.

  5. I would say that I’m a mixture of several of these Deathcore one, with Hardcore which you forgot and also Black metal minus the long hair. Although im not an arrogant fucktard like most deathcore band members I’ve met.

  6. Love these. I kind if a mash up of most with the exception of the Metallica one…only like old Metallica and their newest album…but my <3 will always belong to Pantera =)

  7. Don’t we have enough people bitchin’ about us? Where’s the glam/nwobhm/thrash/hardcore guy with short hair, “normal” clothes and no tatts??
    Guess its just me then -:) don’t do stereotypes dude. Although I have seen many of the above at gigs !!!

  8. Need to add ‘Indie Metaller’ these days. These guys are all over the map genrewise but were mostly listening to Spoon and the New Pornographers a couple years ago. Fav metal bands were cemented when Baroness and Wolves in the Throne Room appeared in Pitchfork. Also likes Sunn, Alcest, Litergy, Ulcerate. Thinks Paracletus is the first Deathspell Omega album. In six months he will be really into Relapse and Southern Lord record labels. After a year, Profound Lore. Chums up the ‘Black Metaller’ by incessantly repeating that Cradle of Filth sucks.

  9. Power Metaller/Brutal Death Metaller mash up.
    I enjoy a bit of Bloodbath and Sodom just as much as Sonata Arctica and Angra.

  10. Metal grrrl / Black metaller exept tall like freakishly tall 6’5 and I wear platforms also emo … BAck hair long with layers and blood red tips ^-^

  11. “This was great, but I’d like to point out that there are normal legit female metal fans. I don’t fall into the TWO categories listed for women, I’m more the Brutal Death Metaler type…just sayin.”

    AGREED! Not all metalhead girls are either stuck up hot girls or attention seeking arch enemy butt kissers 😀

  12. Yeah, I agree with the previous comment. There should be more women metal heads! I’m not a whore like the two listed up here. I’m pretty straight-edge but everyone always thinks I’m high or something. I love classic rock and hair metal and I wear shittons of acid washed 80’s style jeans. I feel like there are a lot more like me out there and it would be great to see some more of these! 😀

  13. wot u guys class someone whos anti emo likes mostly alt metal and nu metal with some thrash mixed and no metalcore except all that remains and enter shikari cause half the metalheads i know (including myself) are like tht and thy rest are emos?

  14. HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CLASSIFICATION CRAP. There’s METAL fans (long hair, tatts, denim and leather) and POP/OTHER. End of.

  15. I am a mix of everything short of the girl metalers. I own the bullet belt for thrashers, shortish hair of the pantera guy without the rattyness, I have a Mjolnir pendent of the Folk Metalers, I am a huge fantasy fan like Black Metalers and Power Metalers, I LOVE Deathcore but honestly don’t think it’s the most brutal thing, and I wear cargo shorts like the BRUTAL death metaler. Wtf man lol

  16. Lol pretty good but what about Nu metal? You could have a teenager with long hair or/and a scary ass mask on XD No offence to anyone I myself am a big fan of metal. Nu metal especialy

  17. This made me laugh and I love most of them, and as far as the girl ones go, I think they’re true, but only because there are plenty of girls who fit into all of the other categories as well. It’s true that there are those types of girls, but I don’t see it as, if you’re a girl, you’re either one of the two or nothing at all.

  18. you know a lot of metal head’s are professional and don’t normally look like that hell the lead singer of metallica doesn’t look like he did when i was younger is he anymore or less a metal some metal head’s have shaved head’s some have long beard’s or beard’s at all stereo types are just that stereo types i’m a black female and i love metal so yeah put that in your hippy bong and smoke it

  19. HAHA!! I just laughed out loud! True with the women though. If I had to categorise myself specifically, it’d be a mix of Black Metaller, Folk/Viking Metaller and Power Metaller. In terms of looks you’d think I was death core because I have long black hair (soon to be restyled and dyed bright pink) and I work out to keep myself in shape. No better gym playlist then some good old metal 😀

  20. Hahaha I fit 90% in the Mainstreamallica type: I have my Metallica tickets right now, I like the EXACT bands you mentioned (Lamb of God, Craddle of Filth and Tool, you forgot Children of Bodom), and coincidentially enough, I wear glasses and have a goatie. Well spotted cartoon!

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